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  1. Opening and Welcome
  2. Appointment of the meeting chairperson
  3. Appointment of the minute taker
  4. Establishment of the quorum
  5. Approval of the agenda
  6. Report by the members of the executive board and discussion
    1. Review change in statutes: draft statutes (statutes of 2011)
      1. New Translation, English version: igsn_ev_statutes-en_diff_20130607.pdf (German version sent in by email 6/13/2013)
    2. New Applications for IGSN e.V. membership
    3. Recent and Upcoming Events
      1. Townhall on Physical Samples
      2. EGU deadline middle January
      3. Webinar on IGSN for Mineral Physical community (recent interaction at an EarthCube workshop)
    4. Budget proposal for 2014: update on plan - Potsdam Feb 2014
  7. Discussion Topics
    1. Membership of Agencies and Affiliates
    2. Increasing International Participation
    3. Endorsement from Standards Organizations
    4. Biological Community
    5. NASA involvement
  8. Miscellaneous


  1. Please see the PDF link: igsn_ev_131209.pdf
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